New Dasho Dzongdag joins his office

31 October 2022

" The glory of Majestic Trashigang Dzong intensifies as Dasho Ugyen Dorji joined as the Dzongdag of this giant Dzongkhag"

The key officials of Dzongkhag, regional heads, business community and civil servants offered Trashi Khadar to Dasho with utmost reverence.

The journey of thousand miles begin with a single step so is our new Dzongdag's journey in Trashigang Dzongkhag with Sector wise presentation on planned activities, progress and challenges.

A beginning is well made with reassuring messages of striving to work hard towards fulfillment of common objectives.

On the first day itself, Dasho motivated the staff with his powerful messages. Indeed, the size of the Dzongkhag is not proportionate to Dasho's competency.

May the reign of Dasho bring unprecedented harmony and prosperity for the people of Trashigang Dzongkhag!