Bartsham gewog is located in the north of Samkhar, west of Bidung and east of Yangneer gewogs and has border with Ramjar, Jamkhar and Yalang gewogs of Trashi Yangtse Dzongkhag. The gewog office was constructed in the year 2004 holding a total area of 35.1 square kilometers. Bartsham gewog is 25 km away from Trashigang Dzongkhag with gewog centre road measuring to 19.5 km.


The altitude ranges from 800 to 2800 maximum above sea level with an altitude of 2100 at gewog centre.The climate is mainly temperate in the northern part of the Gewog and sub- tropical in the southern part of the Gewog.  Gewog has a total of 498 households with the total of 3825 population. The gewog consist of 5 chiwogs with 16 major villages further divided into 30 minor villages.


The community of Bartsham gewog depends on agriculture farming and the maximum source of income is from vegetable farming. Gewog consist of 5 vegetable farmers group and 3 community forest group.  Out of 5 groups only 4 vegetable farmers group is linked with the Bartsham central school and Bartsham Primary school for the supply of vegetable as well as dairy products.