• The Dzongkhag Civil Registration and Census (DCRC) is an organization delivering civil registration and census related services of the highest standard and quality.


  • To deliver customer care services through the optimal use of information, communication and technology.
  • To update and maintain citizen’s information correctly


  • To demonstrate highest integrity, honesty and discipline while discharging public services.
  • The officials should be prepared to respond to the general public by providing high quality, prompt and reliable services- A people friendly approach should be promoted.
  • To promote cohesive and affirmative inter-personal relationship amongst ourselves and be responsive to the needs of the client


  1. To achieve 100% birth and death registration.
  2. To minimize census drop-out cases
  3. To authenticate census record with correct information.


  1. Execute plans, policies and directives.
  2. Assist dasho Dzongdag in all citizenship and census matters.
  3. Co-ordinate between the Dzongkhag and the headquarters on census and citizenship matters.
  4. Draw up and conduct annual census work plan regarding up-dation of birth and deaths in the gewogs
  5. Process and verify the applications for citizenship identity cards, special residence permit cards, name change and age correction.
  6. Process and update census transfer cases
  7. Distribute citizenship identity and special residence permit cards in the Dzongkhag.
  8. Conduct annual census as per the guidelines of headquarters.
  9. Compile naturalization cases upon receipt of verification letter from the Department of Immigration.
  10. Compile census drop-out and citizenship matters for onward submission to the Department of Civil Registration & Census.

The sector is delivering both online and offline services through the optimal use of information and communication technology. The online services are provided through G2C web portal. The services delivered are as follows:


  1. Online services
  1. Birth Registration
  2. Death Registration
  3. Census Transfer - Inter Dzongkhag
  4. Census Transfer - Intra Dzongkhag
  5. Census Transfer - Intra Gewog
  6. New CID/SRP card issuance
  7. Replacement of lost CID/SRP card
  8. Replacement of CID/SRP card -  renewal, occupation change, typographical errors and damaged cards
  9. Change of Head of Household (HoH)
  10. Issuance of Household Information (Family Tree)
  11. Issuance of Nationality Certificate for Minors
  1. Offline services
  1. Name change and correction of DoB
  2. Verification of rural life insurance claims
  3. Verification of census drop-out and naturalization cases
  4. Double census updating and other day-to-day miscellaneous services